"We Meet You Where You Are!"


Loving to Learn Association has been committed to motivating and enriching students since 2002. Founded by Joshua Smith, Ph.D., Loving to Learn After-school Enrichment Academy uses proven educational techniques to instruct students. Dr. Joshua and Evangelist Sherilyn Smith believe that, although many teachers do an admirable job in the classroom, many students do not learn well in traditional institutions.

Many students don't respond to the assembly line nature of most institutions. He believes that a student's strengths and natural ability needs to be the foundation of learning. Dr. Smith often warned against a "Cookie Cutter" approach to educating students. At Loving to Learn Enrichment Academy, your child is seen as an individual, and natural strengths are identified and advanced.

All of our Enrichment Specialists subscribe to the same philosophy. Joining Loving to Learn Association and being a member of our team, our specialists are experienced and go through a rigorous recruitment, screening, and training internship to become certified and licensed. Working under supervision of a certified and licensed enrichment specialist, all interns are practitioners in training to become certified specialists.

Our learning center is clean and quiet, offering an environment that makes it easy to focus. We strive to create a stress free environment by designing our learning center with comforting colors, comfortable furniture, and a comfortable climate. We make sure distractions are removed. Individualized attention ensures that your child remains engaged.

Loving to Learn Association focuses on building confidence, motivation, focus, and problem solving skills in every student. Enrichment Specialists share successful strategies with students so they can succeed on their own. Our friendly, warm, and enthusiastic specialists create a safe and supportive atmosphere for students.

Loving to Learn Enrichment Academy
3650 S. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90018
Phone: (323) 73-LIGHT or (323) 735-4448
(323) 282-9328
Email: learn@lovingtolearn.org